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Friday Double Feature: First Blood & Son of Rambow

If you haven't seen the Hammer and Tongs film Son of Rambow, there may be no better way to experience it than back to back with the movie it references!  In Son of Rambow two kids from different backgrounds venture out to make a movie inspired by the first Rambo film.  It's cute and a little bit whimsical and it's as much about loving movies as it is about growing up.  In First Blood, Rambo just wants to be left alone and he eventually winds up blowing lots of stuff up.  It's dark and covered with that raw 1980's action film dirt.  The two movies couldn't really be more different and yet the references to First Blood in Son of Rambow are priceless.  I recommend the lighter, more recent film first in the double feature, but it might be just as much fun to watch Stallone shoot things up first and then see how that inspires the kids later.  Either way, this is a perfect night of movies waiting to happen.

--Matt J

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