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Friday Double Feature: Fido & They Came Back

Zombies are all the rage.  That might change when Park Chan-Wook's Thirst comes out.  That film together with Let the Right One In, might swing the popular consciousness towards reimagined vampire movies for a while.  Still, for now, zombies are everywhere--in Marvel comics, in bestsellers like The Zombie Survival Guide and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and in lots of movies that take the Zombie premise in new directions.  Fido is a Zombie Comedy that imagines a world where Zombies are pets controlled by collars.  Imagine a sequel to Shaun of the Dead set in that world at the end of the film but with all new characters, and that's kind of what you get with Fido.  It alternates between wry satire and actual human moments that are spontaneously interrupted by gut-chewing Zombie attacks.  In short, it's great.  For a completely different take on the undead, the French film They Came Back is a creepy, sober look at what life might really be like if our loved ones crawled up out of their graves.  If they weren't driven to eat us, what would they do exactly?  Who would pay for their healthcare?  Where would they sleep?  What would happen if their survivors had remarried and moved on?  It's about as intellectual a take as you will find on the subject of the undead, but it's also effectively dark and a little spooky.  There are endless variations on Zombie horror, but most of them don't stray too far from the tropes laid out by Romero.  These two films are something different altogether!

--Matt J

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